The POWERFULLY Simple Fitness Solution 
For The Everyday, Busy Guy
Sculpt LEAN MUSCLE While ALSO Burning Fat WITHOUT Slaving For Hours In The Gym Or Following Some Crazy Diet
  •  A New Workout Routine Every Week
  •  Tutorial Videos For Every Exercise 
  •  Motivation Mastery Video Course 
  •  64 High Protein, Low Fat Recipes 
  •  Nutrition Crash Course For A Lean and Sculpted Physique 
  •  Exclusive Accountability Group 
  •  Six Pack Shredder Bonus Video Course 
  •  Muscle Building Mastery Bonus Video Course 
  •  + SO MUCH MORE!
Normally $99 - Today $47
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BarbarianBody Transformations:
You'll Also Receive 2 Tools To Make The Program Even Easier to Follow:
1. Day-By-Day Workout Calendar.
This will lay out your exact workouts you need to follow for the next 14 weeks to get you totally shredded!

2. Tanner's 71 Page Getting Shredded Manual (PDF)
Inside you'll learn all of Tanner's secrets for radically transforming your physique
ZERO RISK...30 Day Money Back Guarantee:
Here's Whats Included:
FULL In-Depth Workouts
Receive INSTANT access to the full 14-week workout program. This includes a full step-by-step layout of the exact exercises you'll be performing, as well as exact the number of sets and reps to perform for a lean and powerful physique. This includes an archive of over 2.5+ hours of step-by-step video demonstration, 65 page training manual, and so much more!
Step-By-Step Video Demonstrations
Receive instant access to step-by-step video instructional for workouts inside of the program. Here I'll be walking you through proper form, tempo, as well as cues and tips to maximize the effectiveness of your workouts; while ALSO keeping you safe.
The Nutrition Crash Course PDF
A simple to follow nutrition crash course that will show you exactly how to structure your diet for building muscle while also shrinking that midsection. You'll learn: How to set up your calories and macros custom to you . How to make food selections that will promote fat loss and muscular growth. Exactly how much to eat to lose fat and carve lean muscle
The TRUTH About Reducing Lower Belly Fat
FINALLY get the in-depth, raw TRUTH about lower belly fat, how to lose it FAST, and how to get your abs to show. Diet, workouts, cardio; everything you NEED to know to finally reveal a shredded midsection...and even get your lower abs/ v-lines to show!
Printable Workout Templates
Quickly and easily track your workouts with Printable Workout Templates. Print them off, bring them to the gym with you, and quickly and easily track your weight, sets, and reps for each exercise. Perfect for tracking your progress week after week.
Program Mastery: Psychological "Hacks"
With Motivation Mastery, you'll learn how to summon incredible amounts of motivation, focus, and commitment that lasts longer than 1 week. With this powerful tool, you'll find out how I "trick my brain" to not just consistently stick with my workouts and diet, but also to CRUSH them long-term!
Day-By-Day Training Calendar
Monitor your weekly workouts with your ready-made, day-by-day training calendar. Each phase of the program is already laid out for you, so you instantly know which workouts you'll perform for their corresponding day; all within a quick glance.
PLUS Receive These 3 FREE BONUSES:
Bonus Gift #1: The 64 Fat Melting Recipe Book
($37 VALUE)
This digital recipe book is JAM PACKED with 64 low calorie, high protein recipes. Designed to keep you full and feed your muscles while shedding the fat. Included are 27 quick-to-prepare Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner well as 37 simple snack recipes!
5 Minutes or less - Snack Recipes! 20 minutes or less - Meal Recipes!  Stop eating bland, tasteless, boring meals that leave you hungry after 30 minutes. Eat food you LOVE, feel full afterwards and TRANSFORM your physique!
Bonus Gift #2: My "Secret" Six Pack Sculpting Routine
($27 VALUE)
My "Secret" Six Pack Sculpting Routine is the EXACT workout I use to get the "blocky" look of my abs to show. Designed to hit your upper abs, lower abs as well as obliques. This grueling routine is designed to have your abs POP in no-time!
Bonus Gift #3: Muscle Building Mastery (While Burning Fat)
($27 VALUE)
By enrolling in the Physique Sculpting Program today, you'll also be receiving a FREE copy of my Muscle Building Mastery crash-course. You'll be learning: How to build muscle mass while burning fat . The secret fat incinerating training techniques to add while training for muscular growth. The stupidly-simple nutrition protocol for ridiculously lean muscular growth
The entire Physique Sculpting Program comes with a 100%, 30-day money back guarantee. That means; if you and everyone you know isn't 100% blown-away by your results, simply request a refund, and receive 100% of your money back!
ACT NOW and...
Receive INSTANT Access to All of This:
Normally $99 - Today $47
*Get LIFETIME access to the entire digital program. 100% secured order form.
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